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MarioCraft html5
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Game info
MarioCraft html5
2004 plays
Date added: 2015-12-22

Think that you're capable of helping Mario survive in the dangerous world, called Minecraft? Don't just talk only! Prove your action by entering MarioCraft html5 right now! As an awesome blend of Minecraft and Super Mario, the game surely gets much attention from fans of these types!

The first thing to consider is to support him something to stay and live! Thus, don't forget to instruct him how to build a shelter. Move him around to mine and accumulate items. Then, place what he has mined in a smart slot to have the building process completed. Taking any item you have collected out from the Inventory is the next task. How about crafting other beneficial tools and weapons? How terrific the idea is! Try best to demonstrate your tactic, cleverness, and cunning!

Have a sweet moment with MarioCraft html5!

Instructions: WASD keys for moving.
The Spacebar key for jumping.
The left or right click mouse for placing or mining items.
The I key for opening Inventory.
The 1 – 9 keys for choosing item slots.
The T key for throwing items.
The C keys for adding trees.
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  • avatar
    creepergirl111 (834) - 2016-02-13, 16:29
    DUDE!Not as good as minecraft but still awesooooooome!!!!!!!!!!!